Inside Hockey Rankings refer to Northeastern Huskies as “Terriers”

I make a lot of mistakes, at least one a day, and that’s one of the reasons I’m hesitant to ever critique other pieces of reporting or writing. But sometimes, you have to bite the bullet. Today, Inside Hockey released its preseason rankings for Hockey East. No surprise, Northeastern was listed 10th out of 11. I have no issue with the rankings themselves, and the blurbs for teams No. 1-9 and No. 11 looked totally fine. But one quick look at No. 10, and you’ll see a glaring error.

10. Northeastern
The Terriers will struggle to get wins once again during the upcoming season. NU’s top offensive threat will be back in Kevin Roy. The Terriers will have a struggle in net, same as last season, but will have a great talented incoming class of freshmen headlined by Zach Aston-Reese.

Northeastern’s mascot is the Husky. The Terriers are crosstown rival Boston University, also ranked on the list. Again, I make mistakes every day, but if you’re ranking teams, you might want to get the mascot right for every team. My first instinct was to blast the post, but I shot a quick tweet to the Inside Hockey account letting them know that Northeastern was referred to as “the Terriers.”

I figured if it was me and I had an error in one of my posts, I would prefer being corrected so I could fix the mistake rather than ridiculed.

It’s been just about 45 minutes since I sent the tweet, and still no correction. It might be a minuscule topic in the grand scheme of things, but whether we’re covering peewee hockey or the NHL, our job is to get it right. Especially when it comes to the small stuff that can easily be checked, or should be common knowledge of the writer.

Update (Oct. 11, 8 a.m.): As of today, the post still hasn’t been corrected.

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